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Hillsborough County Public Schools (Tampa)

SDHC Sports And Activity Fee Overview

This information is for the upcoming 2024-2025 SCHOOL TERM

This plan will expire on May 29, 2025

Coverage for the new 2024-2025 school year will begin May 30, 2024

The Hillsborough County School Board is very interested in providing a safe environment for all students. However, accidents do happen during athletic practices and games, and JROTC. The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA.com) requires all student athletes to have basic accident insurance prior to participation in school sports.  To assure that all athletes, JROTC have access to basic accident insurance, the Hillsborough County School Board requires all students/parents to pay a sports participation/activity fee before they will be allowed to condition, practice or compete in Hillsborough County interscholastic sports or other specified activities. The Activity Fee will include access to basic accident insurance for all the student athletes while participating in season try-outs, practices and games that are sanctioned and scheduled by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). School Insurance of Florida will help with the collection of the activity participation fees by allowing students to pay online through this website. This website describes the coverage available to students participating in Athletics and JROTC activities.

2024 SUMMER & OFF-SEASON CONDITIONING The basic insurance will provide coverage during the 2024 summer conditioning and off-season conditioning as defined by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). Conditioning is defined as: 'Weight Training' meaning the use of free weights and stationary apparatus. 'Cardiovascular Conditioning' meaning distance and interval training. 'Plyometrics' meaning the use of pre-set conditioning programs. 'Conditioning' is not teaching sport specific skills and drills, and does not involve the use of sport specific equipment (i.e. starting blocks, hurdles, rebounders, summer leagues, summer practices, summer games, summer drills, club sports or private leagues. No coverage is provided for off-season practices, drills, open gym or scrimmages. Only summer conditioning, as defined, is an eligible activity during the summer months.

Insurance Coverage for the regular sports practices and games becomes effective on the first day of FHSAA practice, or the date the student begins practice, whichever is later. To review the policy terms, benefits and exclusions click here. Offseason practices or open gyms, club sports and charter schools are not covered under the basic insurance plan. The basic accident insurance plan, that is included in the activity fee, is not intended to replace family insurance policies and is not primary insurance coverage. The basic insurance will not pay for 100% of all medical expenses. If you have other primary insurance, the school policy will help pay some of the expenses such as deductibles, co-insurance and dental expenses that are not covered by your family insurance policy. The basic accident insurance is in effect during FHSAA approved sports practices and games that are directly supervised by a Hillsborough County School District employee. The school policy coverage will begin on May 30, 2024 and terminates on the last official FHSAA game of the sports season or May 29, 2025, whichever is first. This is a non-refundable fee.

You may elect to pay for this fee online Now by Clicking Here. If you have questions contact School Insurance of Florida. We cannot accept enrollments or payment of the Sports Activity Fee by telephone or fax. The basic insurance plan will not pay for 100% of all medical charges incurred and is not designed to replace family insurance or primary insurance plans. This basic insurance will supplement your primary insurance plan.

GROUP A - 2024 FHSAA TACKLE FOOTBALL/ 2025 LACROSSE $60.00 - Hillsborough County School District Sponsored 2024 Tackle Football and the 2025 May Spring Practice sessions, as sanctioned by the FHSAA. The tackle football coverage expires after the last official 2024 game or last FHSAA sanctioned practice, whichever is first. Coverage is also provided for the lacrosse players during the 2025 FHSAA lacrosse sanctioned season and for the FHSAA sports listed in Group B and Group C. Terminates 5/29/2025. 

GROUP B - HIGH SCHOOL INTERSCHOLASTIC SPORTS $40.00 - FHSAA Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, and Basketball practices and games during the 2024-2025 regular school term, as sanctioned by the FHSAA. Also provides coverage for conditioning on school premises while under the direct supervision of a school coach. Includes coverage for the sports listed in Group C.

GROUP C - HIGH SCHOOL INTERSCHOLASTIC SPORTS $30.00 - FHSAA Cheerleading, Golf, Cross Country, Track, Tennis, Swimming, Girls Flag Football, Team Trainers/Managers, while on school premises and for sanctioned FHSAA events.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS $25.00 - Hillsborough County School District sponsored, scheduled and supervised Middle School Track/Field, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Boys/Girls Flag Football and Middle School Team Trainers/Managers. Coverage ends after the last game for the sports season for each respective sport. If a student plays another sport during the school year they do not need to pay the fee again.  This is a one-time payment, per school term.  Off-season practices and games are not covered.

JROTC Drill Participants $30.00 - Provides coverage for JROTC activities that are exclusively scheduled, organized and sponsored by the SDHC and supervised by a JROTC designated instructor during the regular school term and summer months. Coverage is also provided for the sports listed above in Group C, while on school premises, as sanctioned by the FHSAA.

The Summary of Insurance is available to download for your records. You may enroll and pay the fee Online Now with a Visa or Mastercard.  All Insurance Policy provisions and exclusions apply. Please review a summary of insurance for policy terms, provisions and policy effective and termination dates.


If a student has paid the required Sports Fee before the first day of a school sponsored, school supervised FHSAA athletic practice, the coverage goes into effect on the first day of sanctioned FHSAA practice. If the fee is paid after the first day of practice, the basic insurance coverage starts the day after the fee is paid. Coverage under the school sports insurance plan is effective only while Hillsborough County School students are participating in interscholastic sports practices and competition that are exclusively school sponsored, school scheduled, school supervised and school funded during the regular school term, and as sanctioned and scheduled by the FHSAA. Refunds are not permitted after the first day of participation/try-out. Injuries during other non-sports related activities and regular classes are not covered. Sports activities that are taking place outside of the regular FHSAA season are not covered.  This plan will provide coverage for off-season cardio conditioning and weighlifting excercises while under the direct supervision of a SDHC coach. (Conditioning is defined as cardiovascular exercise, but does not include practice or sports specific drills of any kind, open gym/facilities or scrimmages).  

The school sports insurance coverage terminates after the last FHSAA interscholastic sports game scheduled in season during the regular school term or on the last day of school whichever is first. Coverage does NOT continue during the summer months for any practices, games, drills, open gyms, camps or leagues.  If a school team is eligible for post season play that team will continue to be eligible for the insurance coverage.

Click Here for more information about Insurance Benefits/Provisions/Exclusions